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Nyree Watts photography

Always with Butter

Detroit Now and Then

Damaged Film Part 1 (via Always with Butter)

A pair of humpback Photo (3)


A pair of humpback Photo (3)


Underwater Photography by Zena Holloway

Zena Holloway has been one of my favorite photographers for a long time, I’d really like to have a print from this series one day!

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New work from Natalie Kucken!


Twelve Books & Buddy Optical (Japan) have published a photo book of some of my pictures about their collection. (More photos to come)

Collection & photo book launch:

April 28th & April 29th
1LDK Oyama heights
Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

journal | jennilee marigomen


In the series of photographs titled Bronson Caves, the caves served as a stage set yet again. Bischoff performed actions for the camera with massive sheets of colored paper. Since a long-exposure photograph was produced rather than a motion picture, the papers were recorded as voluminous, glowing colors. The materiality of the rainbowed forms, emerging from the mouth of the cave, dancing about the canyon, and bubbling up from the ground, are based solely in the photographic process, and can only be experienced when viewing the final photographic prints. 

“If a visitor to the caves were to accidently stumble upon my performance they would only see a mass of crumbled colored paper draped awkwardly over a man moving/dancing to a camera positioned on a tripod. The goal of these performances was to create sculptural, photographic objects that interacted with the history and architecture of the caves.”-Brice Bischoff

 Dancing in colored paper yields beautiful results.

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james henkel photography.

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Karma-Angelina (Rings) 


Karma-Angelina (Rings) 

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Silver & Light

Ian Ruhter creates one of a kind, large scale photographs on huge sheets of silver out of his one of a kind camera van. The results are gorgeous and not easy to come by as this short documentary shows.